Everline PLA Thread (Mono) 50PCS


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Everline PLA Thread Lift | Poly Lactic Acid PLLA Threads

Everline PLA Thread lift is using a safe substance PLLA approved by US FDA. As an excellent biodegradable material, PLLA(Poly L-Lactice Acid) sitmulates the production of collagen so that the skin is strengthened. PLLA has higher tension than PDO, so it can maintain the lifting effect for a long time.


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Everline PLA Thread Lift | Poly Lactic Acid PLLA Threads

29G 38MM 50PCS/Bag

29G 50MM 50PCS/Bag

Everline PLLA thread lift

PLA thread lifting

differences with PDO & PLLA thread

PLA lifting threadUnlike other mono thread products, Everline PLA Mono has the coiled from of polylatic acid thread several times at the end of the needle and also the embossed patterns on the surface of the threads, thus it does not move from the inserted spot and maximizes the contact area between threads and skin. As a result of these unique technologies. Everline PLA Thread Lift brightens the complexion by generating more collagen and giving more elasticity.


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